Genuine Holset Reman Turbochargers are the smart choice when replacing a Holset turbocharger. Identical to Genuine Holset turbochargers, Holset Reman Turbochargers provide initial cost savings of up to 30%.


Just because a turbocharger fits, it does not mean it's good enough to replace a machine as complex as the Genuine Holset turbocharger. You never know what you may get with non-genuine products.

Make the smart choice. Choose Genuine Holset turbos from SCM Turbo, the Authorised UK Holset Distributor, and have peace of mind, knowing your equipment will operate reliably.

What are the Benefits?

  • Initial cost savings of up to 30% compared to new Genuine Holset Turbochargers
  • 100% replacement of critical wear components with detailed inspection
  • Operates reliably and efficiently
  • Tested to perform to OE specifications and safety requirements
  • Latest component upgrades where applicable
  • Environmentally friendly option
  • Reduces the overall downtime of your equipment
Holset Reman Benefits
Holset Reman Benefits