• Patented Flash Cleaning technology achieves 98% flow of original new condition
  • Extremely cost-effective vs OE replacement
  • Superior longevity vs other cleaning methods, with Certified results of every clean
  • All types of Car and CV filters cleaned, including Euro 6
  • We can collect, clean and re-despatch your DPF within 2 days!


How does it work?

The DPF flash clean is designed to clean diesel particulate filters (DPFs) efficiently without causing harm to the filter. It starts with a diagnostic test to identify issues that could block the DPF. The filter is then removed for a flow test and camera scope inspection to check airflow and physical condition. The cleaning involves a reverse flush with high-pressure water jets to remove contaminants, restoring the DPF to near-original performance.

Advantages of the DPF Flash Clean technology

Advantage / Disadvantage **Flash Cleaning Patented System** Forced Regeneration Chemical Additive
Removal of soot, ash & oil                ✔    
Safety and integrity of the filter (including sensors) is preserved                ✔    
Efficient cleaning of all DPF types                ✔    
Same-day treatment time                ✔    
Removes soot, but NOT all ash. Filter will re-block more quickly              ✔         ✔
Repeated forced regeneration can melt the DPF core              ✔         ✔


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