Make Model Engine Engine Code Power Year Turbo
Part No.
Base Code
HONDA Accord TDi 2.0L D 20T2N 105HP 96-98 GT15 18900P5TG00 452098-5004S
HONDA Accord i-CTDi 2.2L D N22A RBD 139HP 03-08 GT17 18900RBD3050 802013-5001S
HONDA Accord i-CTDi 2.2L D N22A1 RBD 139HP 03-08 GT17 18900RBDE03 761650-5001S
HONDA CR-V i-CTDi 2.2L D N22A2 RMAEuro 4 139HP 05-07 GT17 18900RMAE010M2 802014-5001S
HONDA Civic TDi 2.0L D 20T2H Intercooled 105HP 97-99 GT15 18900P5TG00 452098-5004S
HONDA Civic i-CTDi 1.7L D P702DH 4EE1Euro 3 100HP 02-06 GT17 8972873794 721875-5005S
HONDA Civic i-CTDi 2.2L D N22A2 RSR 140HP 06- GT17 18900RSRE010M2 753708-5005S
HONDA FR-V i-CTDi 2.2L D N22A1 RMAEuro 4 139HP 05-10 GT17 18900RMAE010M2 802014-5001S
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