With so many aftermarket alternatives available, often much cheaper due to using non genuine parts, we wanted to highlight the advantages of buying and fitting a genuine Original Equipment turbo.

  • Quality guarantee: When you supply an OE turbocharger, you are supplying a product that is the same specification and quality as fitted to vehicle when it left the vehicle manufacturer.

  • Exact calibration: OE-turbochargers are individually flow-tested and calibrated (using the latest test equipment) at the end of the build-process, ensuring that the turbo performance matches the original specification exactly.

  • Correct fitment: An Original Equipment turbocharger is the best choice to ensure an accurate first time installation. Conversely, a non-genuine turbo could have slight tolerance differences that potentially cause an issue during installation, adding to the total time the vehicle is in the workshop. It could also mean performance differences with the turbo leading to premature failure.

  • Upgraded when necessary: If a vehicle manufacturer identifies a vehicle reliability issue caused by the turbocharger, the original equipment turbo supplier will work with the manufacturer to develop an alternative with upgraded features to resolve the issue (For example, upgrading the compressor wheel material to a milled titanium composition).

SCM Turbo only supply OE NEW turbochargers and OE Factory Reman turbos that are produced on the same production line as the new. SCM Turbochargers are remanufactured with OE parts to the manufacturers specification- offering a more cost effective option.

Turbo calibration
Turbo calibration