Clean as a whistle Header
Clean as a whistle Header

Debate over the value of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) on diesel vehicles continues to rage in garage workshops across the country.  Few would deny the importance of lowering harmful emissions from our vehicles, but it’s often the individual motorist that is left paying the price for unexpected repairs caused by a blocked DPF.   

SCM Turbo has an advanced DPF cleaning facility which is offered through its Motor Factor distribution.  This facility presents a unique, new revenue opportunity with strong margins to the Motor Factor, whilst also providing excellent value to the garage and vehicle owner.

Motor Factors can now offer this as a value-added service to their garage network, providing an economical solution to clean every type of DPF.  By cleaning a vehicle’s original DPF the OE-quality is retained and there are no danger of fitment incompatibility.

What’s involved?

The cleaning technology can unblock and restore stubbornly-blocked filters back to 98% of their original flow efficiency.  Being a water-based technology means the sensors can be left fitted to the DPF, making removal and re-fitting quicker for the workshop.  To demonstrate our confidence in the cleaning service, SCM offers its famous No Quibble guarantee with every DPF clean, offering a free re-clean of a DPF if it re-blocks within 12 months of the first clean.

Aiming to make it as easy as possible for the motor factor, SCM Turbo takes care of collecting and re-delivering the DPF, with the cost included in the fixed cleaning fee.  Collections requested by 12pm will be collected that afternoon and received by SCM the next morning.  The DPF will then be inspected, cleaned and re-despatched for a next-day delivery.

Before the cleaning cycle begins, a back-pressure reading is taken from the DPF.  After the cleaning cycle is finished, the back-pressure is tested again, providing a certified result of the DPF clean.  When the DPF is re-fitted by the workshop, SCM advises that a forced-regeneration should take place on the vehicle so that the ECU understands that the DPF is now clean.

Occasionally, a filter matrix will be melted internally without any externally-visible signs.  After the cleaning cycle, the back-pressure test result will be outside the expected range.  In this situation, SCM advise the factor that they believe the DPF is not serviceable, and will return the DPF to the factor for a small fee that covers carriage and testing.  For some applications, SCM can offer a replacement OE-quality DPF.  In order to avoid melting of the filter matrix, SCM advises workshops not to attempt repeated forced-regenerations of the DPF.  Attempting these repeatedly causes the DPF temperature to rise to a point where the filter matrix will melt internally.  If one forced-generation fails to unblock the DPF, it should be removed immediately and sent to SCM for cleaning.

The demand for an economical solution to blocked DPFs continues to rise, and SCM Turbo’s DPF Cleaning service offers an excellent technical solution alongside an additional revenue stream opportunity for the motor factor.  

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